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National Aviary of Colombia, Barú

Hotel Cartagena Plaza 30/11/2022

With more than seven hectares and located on the island of Barú. Cartagena has the largest aviary in Latin America, here you can observe a unique and wonderful collection of birds, exhibited in a natural environment, a living representation of their habitats, in total more than 190 species of birds and nearly 2000 specimens are exhibited.

Three types of ecosystems are managed to cover the great variety of birds found in the place, such as:

  • Tropical humid forest : It is a forest that is characterized by high rainfall and a high average temperature. These tropical zones are born where it is mainly very hot throughout the year.

  • Coast: It can be found within the natural ecosystems and considered a mixed ecosystem, since it is characterized by being aquatic and terrestrial, for which the humidity in the environment and mild temperatures stand out.

  • Desert: The plants of this zone are characterized by the way in which they adapt to climatic conditions through the development of roots.

In the aviary you can observe species typical of the Amazon and Chocó forests, birds that inhabit deserts such as Tatacoa and Guajira, and the avifauna of the mangrove swamps of the Colombian coasts.

In addition, visitors can admire the habitat of the Condor of the Andes, the birds of prey, the spectacular migratory bird lake and an area of exotic birds that has species from other parts of the world such as the Emu and the Crowned Crane that will leave you in awe. .

An unmissable destination that introduces its visitors to a place with thick vegetation, waterfalls, streams, varzéas and swampy areas, where you will take the best memories.  



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