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Museums you must visit during your stay in Cartagena de Indias

Hotel Cartagena Plaza 21/10/2022

Cartagena de Indias is a city that is characterized by its great history, culture and art, thanks to its streets, architecture and above all its great museums. In this way we invite you to live a fantastic and unique experience by taking a short tour that we organize especially for you, starting from:

Museum of Modern Art: A museum that is projected towards the Caribbean and its culture. In the permanent collections you can find: Latin American Art, Sala Maestro Enrique Grau and great renowned Colombian artists.

San Pedro Claver Museum: This has an important collection made up of very important African and Afro-Caribbean works of art, with Haitian paintings and African masks, which will transport you to a significant era for Africans represented in a different and dynamic way in order to bring you the best experience.

Naval Museum of the Caribbean: Here you can live an experience, it is as if you were aboard a ship. This museum recreates in a different way and practices how Cartagena fought to rescue its splendor as the first port of the Caribbean Sea.

Historical Museum of Cartagena: The Historical Museum of Cartagena is characterized by maintaining an environment that keeps the history of our ancestors through its different spaces which offer the possibility of understanding the architectural richness of the colonial era, the history and presence of the inquisition in the memory of the city offering you a journey through the various stages of the history of Cartagena, the Colombian Caribbean and the construction of Colombian society. To end this wonderful tour we recommend you visit:

Zenú Gold Museum: Finally, you can finish by visiting the gold museum, in In this museum you can find a complete collection of gold, used by the ancient indigenous people, fabrics of water and land, gold from the Caribbean plains, and some curious small pieces of human representation that catalog this museum as one of the most interesting of the city, where you can observe the memory that is lived in each piece of gold.

As well as these museums, the stone corralito is full of a lot of history and will always leave each of its visitors enchanted. For this reason you will always want to return and live each of those experiences again.



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