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Hotel Cartagena Plaza 20/11/2023

Kalamary opens its doors in the city of Cartagena, this cozy space will transport you to the origin of true Colombian coffee, here you can live the complete experience: perceiving its great aroma and all the flavor in each cup . Let yourself be surprised by this space that will transport you to the beautiful coffee lands of our country. And more than that , you will also find a variety of delicious drinks and exquisite dishes in their different presentations.

Without a doubt , it is the perfect place to share with friends, family, your partner and even enjoy a moment alone peacefully in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In this space you will also have the opportunity to learn the history of coffee from our expert Baristas, here you will learn and enjoy the different types of coffee experiences known as:

  • French Press: A coarsely ground coffee infused with hot water and filtered through a plunger, resulting in a robust coffee with body and intense flavors.

  • V60 Method: A coffee ground in a conical filter, with slow spiral water pouring for uniform extraction, producing a clean, bright coffee with more subtle flavors and balanced acidity.

  • Chemex Method: Uses a thick cone-shaped paper filter, with a spiral pour of hot water to produce clean, clear coffee, with a smooth profile, highlighting floral and fruity notes.

  • Japanese Siphon: Heating water at the bottom, with pressure and vacuum for extraction, filtering the coffee downwards; results in a complex and clean coffee, highlighting more delicate flavors and distinctive aromas.

We invite you to enjoy the best experiences of 100% Colombian coffee. We assure you that all your senses will awaken!



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