Meetings and conventions

We have the perfect place for the making up of your congress, conventions, seminars, banquets, conferences, work meetings, interviews or any other business event, in our six wide and comfortable function rooms for up to 400 people. Our privileged location, the excellent coordination inside or outside the hotel installations with all the human and logistic support that will guarantee the success of the event.


Our varied and exquisite menu will help you to choose the best alternative for your breakfasts, coffee breaks, serve to the table menus, tasty snacks, cheese table and cocktails according to the event, and like that, highly surprise you guests!


The success of a meeting depends essentially on its preparation. Take into account our recommendations for your trips and meetings, stop worrying for setbacks and mind our suggestions on How to organize your event here.

Meetings and conventions rooms

  • Auditorium
  • Cocktail
  • Banquet
  • Aula
  • U

Salón Plaza 1

Length: 28m / Ancho: 7,47m
Area M²: 209.2 m² / Height: 2.40m
Auditorium: 200
Cocktail: 300
Banquet: 160
Aula: 70
U: 50

Salón Plaza 2

Length:11,58m / Ancho: 8,48m
Area M²: 98,31m² / Altura: 2.40m
Auditorium: 100
Cocktail: 200
Banquet: 80
Aula: 50
U: 35

Salón Plaza 3

Length: 6,58m / Ancho: 7m
Area M²: 46,36m² / Altura:2.40m
Auditorium: 30
Cocktail: N/A
Banquet: N/A
Aula: 20
U: 20

Gran Salón Plaza

Length: 46,16m / Ancho: 22.95m
Area M²: 353.88m² / Altura: 2.40m
Auditorium: 400
Cocktail: 450
Banquet: 250
Aula: 180
U: N/A

Salón Bolivar 4

Length: 18m / Ancho: 7.35m
Area M²: 138,44 m² / Altura: 2.40m
Auditorium: 130
Cocktail: 180
Banquet: 80
Aula: 50
U: 50

Salón Bolívar 5

Length: 6.7m / Ancho: 6.50m
Area M²: 45.79m² / Altura:2.40m
Auditorium: 30
Cocktail: N/A
Banquet: N/A
Aula: 20
U: 20

Salón Bolívar 6

Length: 6.9m / Ancho: 6.70m
Area M²: 209.2 m² / Altura: 2.40m
Auditorium: 30
Cocktail: N/A
Banquet: N/A
Aula: 20
U: 20

Gran Salón Bolívar

Length:31.6m / Ancho: 20.5m
Area M²: 227,74m² / Altura:2.40m
Auditorium: 250
Cocktail: 300
Banquet: 150
Aula: 100
U: N/A

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