Cartagena Plaza Hotel

Cartagena Plaza Hotel, member of EM HOTEL chain started its operations back in the year 1993. The hotel counts with 311 comfortable rooms divided into Standards, a Suite and a Junior Suite with the best view towards the sea and the Old city, a great panoramic embracing you to the magic of the Caribbean.

Just 10 minutes far from Rafael Núñez International Airport and five minutes from the Old city, and with a privileged location in front of the sea and a few steps from casinos, recognized brand stores, we are willing to become your best ally in order to achieve all your activities? success.

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We make our clients dreams come true with a full compromise from our staff, working with excellence, security and dedication, paying specific attention to the small details; creating value and benefits for our clients, staff members, suppliers, shareholders and the community in accordance with sustainability and modernization.

Behavior Policy

At Cartagena Plaza Hotel Company, we are committed to the protection and prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents – ESCNNA in Spanish - associated with travel and tourism; fulfilling and appropriating national legislation regarding this crime and denouncing any type of act of violation of the human rights of children and adolescents, becoming part of a global commitment to the eradication of ESCNNA in the tourism sector, providing necessary information for the prevention to our suppliers, shareholders and community; and training our staff members.


  • The hotel assumes that one of the accompanying passengers is at least 18 years of age at the time of arrival.
  • As an adult, the hotel charges everyone who is at least 12 years old.
  • When making reservations, the hotel considers children the minors with the age between 5 to 11. At the time of entry (check-in), the children rates apply.
  • When making reservations, the hotel considers infants the children from 0 to 4 years old. At the time of check-in, infants stay free of charge.
  • In order for minors to enter the hotel, it is necessary to present the minor's birth certificate or identity card. If the minor is not accompanied by his parents, he must present the power of attorney signed by at least one of the parents. Law 1098 of 2006 Code for Children and Young People. If this document is not available, minors cannot be accepted into the hotel.
  • All guests must present their ID (citizenship card, immigration card or passport) at the time of check-in.


In 2021 we will be leaders in the hotel field through the creation of highly memorable vacation and business experiences where our clients will be happy and will achieve their objectives; strengthen our staff in their professional and human development, optimizing our process, innovating and keeping our compromise towards sustainability and security.

Policy Quality

Cartagena Plaza Hotel Company Ltda. has as policy to fulfill the dreams of its customers, and thus contribute to the economic development of the sector.
To get it:
We rely on the integral management system ISO 9001: 2008, OHSAS 18001: 2007, NTC 5133: 2006, NTS TS 002: 2014 permanently working on the identification of the needs and expectations of our customers and implementing actions that ensure their satisfaction and fidelity, with the total commitment of our staff members, working with excellence, security and dedication.
Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

  • Comply with the legal requirements applicable to the Hotel, and with other requirements that the Cartagena Plaza Hotel Company Ltda. signs, related to its economic, sociocultural and environmental aspects such as: Emission of gases (Carbon monoxide) to the environment, generation of waste, consumption of chemical products, in order to minimize the environmental impact; similarly, meet the requirements associated with the following dangers: Biomechanical, Chemical, physical, psychosocial, safety conditions, associated with risks generated in the operation of the Hotel, to mitigate or eliminate the risks, controlling occupational accidents and diseases.
  • Guarantee the continuous improvement of processes and quality in the provision of the products / services offered.
  • Reject all types of tourism activity that threatens society, generate social differences or that puts at risk the physical or mental integrity of the community and its staff members, building positive relationships where we can contribute to local development, improving people’s quality of life.
  • Commit to the conservation of cultural heritage integrating the gastronomic, cultural and artistic elements native from the region.
  • Guarantee and ensure fulfillment of rights and duties of our suppliers, collaborators and customers.

Finally we state that we are against sexual exploitation commercialization of children and adolescents (ESCNNA).


EFFICIENT USE & WATER SAVING PROGRAM: Control the irrational consumption of water, seeking the best use of the resource and mitigate the impact caused by the realization of own activities, generating ecological awareness and commitment of best practices.

ENERGY SAVING PROGRAM: Control the irrational energy consumption, looking for the optimal use of the resource and mitigate the impact caused by the implementation of the activities of the company, generating ecological awareness and commitment to better practices.

CONTROL OF ATMOSPHERIC, AUDITORY, VISUAL CONTAMINATION PROGRAM (AVA): Maintain control and promote the reduction of AVA contamination, through the activities proposed by the hotel.

TRAINING, INFORMATION & AWARENESS PROGRAM: Improve the capacity of staff members and promote the participation of clients, guests, suppliers and the community in the sustainability of the accommodation and lodging establishment.

MINIMIZATION PROGRAM FOR THE USE OF CHEMICAL PRODUCTS: The main objective of this program is to minimize the use of chemical products and to give existing products an adequate management regarding the impacts that they may cause on the environment and on people.

PROGRAM OF CULTURAL HERITAGE, FLORA, FAUNA & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Identify the cultural heritage sites that the region has in order to make them known for a cultural and economic contribution at a local level. Implement strategies for the care of fauna and flora: by taking care of them, we will help the country and the world to raise awareness that nature every day comes out with a new issue affecting us in the meantime. Being promoters of social development as an opportunity for development and improvement of the quality of life of each individual and society as a whole.

INTEGRAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM: Control generation and inadequate waste disposal, in search of mitigating the negative impacts caused to the environment, through strategies that create ecological awareness and commitment to the development of best practices from staff members of our company.

HAZARDOUS WASTE HANDLING PROGRAM (RESPEL): Establish controls for the collection, separation, storage and final disposal of hazardous waste generated in the facilities of the Hotel Cartagena Plaza, to take preventive measures that allow intervening in time the possible environmental impacts caused.


A sólo 10 minutos del aeropuerto internacional Rafael Nuñez y 5 minutos del centro histórico, con una ubicación privilegiada frente al mar a pasos de casinos, tiendas de reconocidas marcas, estamos dispuestos a convertirnos en su mejor aliado para lograr el éxito en todas sus actividades.

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  • We have a travel agency in the lobby where you can buy different tours to enjoy the city and its surroundings.
  • Located only 10 minutes from the Rafael Nuñez International Airport and 5 minutes from the historic downtown.
  • Categorized as (4) four stars hotel according to the NTSH ? 006.
  • Quality certified according to NTC 5133:2006,and OHSAS 18001:2007 by the international certifying entity BUREAU VERITAS.
  • Excellent service provided by highly trained and certified in competitions.
  • We have rooms specially designed for disabled people.
  • We have free WIFI in public areas and rooms.
  • Flat screen TV with international channels.
  • Buffet restaurant with natural juice station and live preparation
  • National and international food. Gastronomic options for celiacs, vegetarians, food intolerances and allergies. Variety and excellent quality.


Contact us:
Cartagena de Indias D.T. y C. - Colombia
Bocagrande Cra 1ra No 6-154
Bookings: (57(605) 651 7450 - (57) 313 510 3746 - (57) 310 790 9425 - (57) 322 722 8707
Customer Support WhatsApp: (57) 314 596 6939 - (57) 310 443 5992